mercredi 9 avril 2008

Village without sun - Flag against the wind (two poems translated in English)

Village without sun - At the village of Horodzuki, peninsula of Tsugaru

Has the sun ever shone
On this village?

Foundations of the house are all eaten away by worms
It is pushed from behind by the high overwhelming mountain, as if it is shoved into the sea.
Look at that!
The mountain of Matsumae under the sun.
Has the beautiful sunlight
Illuminated our village even once?
Everyone smells poverty.
Their body smells like fish.
The young guys ran away off this place.
Only grannies and grandpas with hair like seawead abound on here.
Ah! Our sons like dolphins leaping out to the sea
Where did they go?
All that is thrown on the roadside is the sea-shells of yester years.
Even if fish-bones were rotten, would they grow into a tree?
Morning and day, only the fog stagnate
And at night, the dead weap out at sea...

Flag against the wind

Flag fluttering at the top of the pole,
It's time I leave the city where I was born.
The wind melting snow away is cold to my years
And the bare branches of willows are shivering on the shore.
Ah! There's not a shadow of somebody to see me off
And a temple roof gleams in the distance.
Ah! The city where I was born!
It's a cradle that now is too narrow for me.
Look at the umpleasant face of this city.
It sniggers like a stepmother.
Ah! I'd like to throw everything away but,
Fluttering flag!
I've an unspeakable regret
Which would cut my finger.

The hooter blowed.
It's the end of everything.
The bow turned to show his stern to the city where I was born.
Once offshore, wind blows strong.
Ah! fluttering flag,
Be torn away and flung
Upon the crying sea!

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